Interior Design Services

Our Interior Designers can offer a range of design services to fit with your budget, design objectives and timeframe. These broadly fall into three categories - Design Advice, Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment buying and Design Implementation.

We can discuss what level of involvement you want from your interior designer be it one-off design advice, a full 'turnkey service' or somewhere in between.


Design Advice


Our Interior Designers can provide specialist advice on space planning, interior architecture, lighting design, colour schemes, room concepts, furniture, kitchen & bathroom design and much more…

Before starting work, your Interior Designer will want to understand exactly what you want to achieve, how much or how little hands-on involvement you want from them, any design styles you like and what budget you are working with.

Based on that, they can provide anything from a simple mood board with ideas for you to put into practice yourself to a full design specification providing much more detail about what needs to go into your space to produce the look and feel you want.

Detailed planning of each room at this stage really helps tie together your overall design and create a much better outcome.

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Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment buying


Once your design has been finalised, your designer can help you source all the furniture, paints, fabric, lighting and other accessories needed to make your vision a reality.

This is a large part of our interior designers' knowledge and expertise - they will have spent time establishing relationships with specialist suppliers and attending trade shows to be up to speed on the latest trends and what is available. In addition, many interior design suppliers do not sell their goods directly to the public so using your interior designer to purchase on your behalf will give you access to those suppliers and may enable you to benefit from the designer's trade discounts.

Our interior designers can also bring in the specialist crafts and trades people they know, such as decorators, upholsterers, joiners and curtain makers, to carry out the works.

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Design Implementation


Whether you're knocking down walls or simply changing paint colours, our designers will work with your contractors or supply their own in order to deliver your vision. They can manage your project, regularly updating you on progress and liaising with external suppliers, manufacturers and craftsmen to ensure that it is delivered on time, on budget and within the specifications of the design brief.

This is the best way of ensuring that the vision you created with your Interior Designer is realised.

Remember: Having an experienced professional involved at the build stage can save huge amounts of time, help you stay on top of your budget and resolve any problems quickly and efficiently as they arise.

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