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Many Wimbledon home owners vanish for one week a year – the week of The Wimbledon Tennis Championships. This is the only time they want to be elsewhere – the normally lively but relaxed suburb becomes inundated by tennis fans and the media. Some Wimbledon residents rent out their spacious homes at premium prices to tennis pros or fans, to return only when things get back to normal.

Normal in Wimbledon is life in a prosperous, well-appointed suburb with many sizeable homes and the added bonus of Wimbledon Common – one of the largest areas of common land in London. Situated 7.1 miles from the centre of town, it is divided into two parts: the ‘village’ and the ‘town’. The High Street of Wimbledon Village is where the medieval village was, and where the grandest homes are now. Many of these are large Victorian homes and are found on the roads between Ridgway and Southside Common.  Wimbledon Town was developed after the arrival of the railway in 1838 and expanded greatly in the second half of the 19th century when large numbers of villas and terraced houses were built.

Property here comes at a price. Many home owners have made the shift from Chelsea with the arrival of children. Wimbledon’s generous houses and commutability (it is 30 minutes from the City) combined with access to the Common and excellent schools make it a hard act to beat.

All property is not grand and Victorian, however. There are also streets of Twenties and Thirties houses, flats and new-build detached homes in West Wimbledon. Nearby Balham, Kingston and Putney also offer a variety of desirable properties.

Such a coveted address deserves an interior that matches it. Which is where we at come in. We are the UK's leading specialist interior designer agency, and can connect you to a local interior designer in Wimbledon.  Whether you have a grand Victorian home, a flat or an inter-war villa, we can put you in touch with one of our designers who will be able to deliver the interior you want.

Every designer we work with – in Wimbledon or otherwise – is vetted by us. We know them each individually, and we only work with the best. This close relationship with our designers, built up over many years, is why clients choose us.

Please browse our website, take a look at some of the examples below,  and register your interest using the form below. We have a great selection of interior designers operating in Wimbledon and can make the introduction, free of charge.

Why not take a look at some more of our interior design projects, read some testimonials and register your interest using the form below.  


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