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The Top 10 home accessories for a fresh take on traditional


These top 10 home accessories in a very fresh take on 'traditional'...

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Why biophilic design is more relevant now than ever before


Many of us know that biophilia is the love of nature, but what is ‘biophilic design’? And why is it important, especially now?


The Top 10 Scandi accessories to buy right now


In the second of our 3-part series we asked interior design studio, YAM, to pick their favourite 10 home accessories in a Scandinavian style. Functional, tactile, spare yet warm these accessories are sure to add depth and interest to your home:

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How to style your mantlepiece


It's the odds and ends on a mantlepiece that are the real conversation starters - how to strike the right balance with yours.

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Your home looks great, but is it making you happy?


Lockdown is forcing us to spend more time at home than ever before. Perhaps you are pretty happy with the way your place looks, but what about how it makes you feel? "Mindful interior design" is a concept that is gaining traction in the industry. But what is it?

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Top 10 contemporary home accessories


The top 10 home accessories in a contemporary style.


Thoughts on interiors for restaurant/cafe/hotel owners during lockdown


These are unprecedented times for the hospitality industry. Your restaurant/cafe/hotel is in enforced lockdown, and things are tough. But for once you might have the time for planning, which your normally hectic schedule prohibits.


Can I get help from an interior designer remotely?


We are all going to be spending a lot of time in our homes over the coming months. You might start to notice things that need changing or updating and niggles that you’ve been ignoring might suddenly become more pressing to sort out. Before you are tempted to wield that paintbrush, might it be worth getting some advice from an expert to ensure you are making the right choices? And is this viable now that in-person meetings and site visits are no longer possible?


10 reasons to work with an interior designer


We spell out why working with an interior designer is a really good idea.


Working with a combined architectural and interior design practice


Seamless design solutions and financial savings are just two of the benefits of using a combined practice. Explore...

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Introducing colour into your interior


Tempted to try a colourful palette for your interior design but don’t know how or where to start?


Working with an interior designer on your kitchen


An interior designer can help you get the most from your kitchen, and connect you with trends and innovations, as we explore in this article.


Working with an interior designer for your bathroom


Choosing an interior designer to design your bathroom makes a lot of sense, as we explain here.


Bathroom case study


Two of our designers talk us through a recent bathroom project we matched them with in Fulham


How to light your home: an expert's guide


One of our interior designers illuminates us about the options


Top tips on choosing the right art work for your home


From customising picture frames to displaying sculpture, we discuss how best to use and display art in your interior design scheme and how an interior designer can help


How to hire an interior designer


The foolproof guide to hiring an interior designer for your home


An expert’s guide to using antiques in your home


It’s easier than you think, says one of our interior designers, especially with our expert help


The interior designer’s story: Clapham


We turn the tables and talk to the designer we matched with our Clapham client about why their project was such a success


The client’s interior design story: Clapham


The owner of a Victorian terrace house in Clapham chose one of our interior designers to refurbish and revitalise her home. She tells us how it went…


The changing face of interior design


Interior design has seen many changes over the last 10 years. We asked one of our designers to explain what it means for designers and for their clients


Why good quality furniture matters


It’s all about craftsmanship and longevity says one of the industry's leading bespoke furniture makers


Personalising your co-working space


The new way of working is all about sharing space, facilities and cost. But how do you make your space comfortable, stimulating and reflective of your brand and office culture?


Working with a landscape designer on your interior design project


We explain how to make the most of your outside space and co-ordinate it with your interior


Chic retirement home design


We continue our series of case studies by chatting to one of our designers about her transformation of a new-build retirement home in Hampshire


Choosing the right furniture for your interior design project


We chat to Tom Faulkner, maker of high-quality handmade furniture, about selecting the perfect pieces for your interior

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City sanctuary


In the second in our series of case studies, we discuss the renovation of a two-bedroom maisonette in Blackheath, London


Budgeting for your interior design project, part two: tackling building works


This time we consider how to budget for interior design projects that go beyond ‘cosmetic’: ones that involve building works


Budgeting for your interior design project: how to start


How to work out your interior design budget if you don’t know what you want? In the first of a two-part feature, we discuss budgeting for a ‘cosmetic’ interior design project

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Putting your property on the market? An interior designer can help give it the edge


We asked one of our designers how an interior designer can help to style and smarten up a property for sale or rent


The client's story - Blackfriars


What is it like to work with one of our interior designers? One of our clients talks us through his experience


Can an interior designer work with what I've already got?


You don't need to get rid of existing possessions when rethinking your interior scheme as one of our designers explains here.

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A penthouse apartment in London


In the first of a series of case studies we chat to two of our designers about their transformation of a penthouse apartment in Blackfriars, London

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What is an interior architect?


What exactly is an interior architect and do you need one for your project? We explain...


5 basics of interior design


On any design project, there are always things that need professional help. What are they?


5 steps to choosing the right interior designer


How do you find the perfect match for your interior design project? Talk to us and we will help you make the right decision

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How good interior design can improve health and well being


Banish sick building syndrome in the home and workplace by connecting with nature and improving the quality of light and air, says one of our designers ..


Can a UK interior designer help with my project abroad?


The answer is a definite ‘yes’ as one of our designers, we explain why...


The importance of good joinery and attention to detail in interior design


We asked one of our designers why both are vital in an interior design project, and this is what she said…


10 tips to ensure your project goes well


What do you need to know to make your interior design project go swimmingly? We asked one of our designers for pointers.


Defining roles: Interior Designer, Architect, QS, Structural Engineer, Contractor? What each one does


How do you know if your project needs an architect, quantity surveyor, structural engineer, builder, project manager or an interior designer?


Just looking for ideas? We discuss different levels of design input


From a short consultation to a total refurbishment, there are many ways an interior designer can help you


Office interior design - take yours to the next level


Office interior design is changing – rapidly. We explain how to get ahead of the game by working with an interior designer from the outset


Moving into a new build - some points to consider


Before you get the keys to your brand-new property, get one of our interior designers on board. It’s the best way to get the home you really want


What should I consider before embarking on an extension?


An interior designer will help you understand how to make your new space a perfect match not just for the rest of the house but for your lifestyle, too


Should I use an architect or an interior designer?


Is an architect always necessary or would using an interior designer be best? How do you know which professional is right for your project? Let us explain...


How to be a good interior design client


We've talked about the way in which interior designers work and how to get the most out of yours. Let's discuss what you, the client, can do to ensure that your interior design project goes well. Here are 8 pointers.


How to budget for an interiors project: five tips


Whether your project is a renovation or a new build, you will need to keep a firm hand on the budget. Here’s how to avoid the most common mistakes.


How to get the best from your Interior Designer, part two: Budgeting and Working Together


The difference between a successful project and an OK one is a good relationship with your designer. But how do you make that happen? We asked a client and the designer with whom we matched her for their side of the story.


How to get the best from your interior designer, part one


The difference between a successful project and an OK one is a good relationship with your designer. But how do you make that happen? We asked a client and designer for their sides of the story.

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