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10 reasons why you need an interior designer


If you're wondering if an interior designer is really necessary for your project, read on. From peace of mind to expert knowledge and financial savings, there are plenty of benefits

[Clapham kitchen extension by Colour Interiors]

1. You will create a happy home

Good interior design can change your life for the better. This is not an idle boast: a carefully considered home will boost you and your family’s wellbeing by creating a safe, beautiful and joyful space to live in. Put simply, a well designed home will make you happier.

2. You will make things a lot easier

Creating a beautiful home on your own is hard, sometimes painfully slow and can be emotional. We have all been seduced by TV programmes that, with the use of a staple gun and some pieces of MDF, instantly transform a room (often for the worse), but good design takes time and thought. An interior designer has the knowledge and the talent to devote to your project, and to take the pain out of the process.

3. You will get what you want

You know what you want from your home and how it should look, but you don’t know where to start. This is when your interior designer steps in. By careful communication and collaboration, and always keeping you at the heart of the process, he or she will translate your vision and work with you to turn it into a reality.

4. You will achieve more than you expected 

One of the joys of working with an interior designer is that you get more than you imagined. A designer will take your vision and develop it, suggesting ideas for colours, finishes, lighting and pattern that are fresh and exciting. As you work together, your own confidence will grow and your choices will surprise and delight you.

5. You will work with an expert

For reassurance and the best results, nothing beats working with a professional. You know this because you employ experts in other areas of your life, from estate agents to solicitors, so why not employ one to help with your interior?

6. You will tap into a designer's knowledge

An interior designer goes to all the trade shows and is up-to-speed with the market and all its possibilities. This abundance of information, from new lines to price points, will be presented to you in an edited form – a bespoke, curated choice that is tailored to your project. 

7. You will have access to the best trades people

One of the most stressful parts of any interior scheme is finding reliable trades people. However, peace of mind is possible. Your interior designer will have an address book bulging with names of joiners, plumbers, electricians etc who have all proven their worth and are trustworthy. The designer will also co-ordinate their work on site and deal with any glitches.

8. You will have access to trade accounts

Many suppliers work directly with interior designers but not with the public. Working with a designer enables you to access the most suitable suppliers for your project. A new world of fabric, wall coverings and lighting will open up as you begin to explore what is out there and how it will fit your interior scheme.

9. You will avoid costly mistakes 

By drawing on a designer’s experience you safeguard against errors caused by your own lack of knowledge or knowhow. Designers have seen it all before, and know that a colour swatch may not translate successfully to an entire room, or that a particular wallpaper is best kept to small spaces. Their wealth of experience is your financial gain.

10.  You will have fun

Turning a home into a happy, healthy and beautiful place to live is one of life’s great pleasures. Having an expert hand to guide you while you do it makes it a total joy. With the pressure taken off, you can really relax, let the creative juices flow and create the home you’ve always wanted.