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The Top 10 home accessories for a fresh take on traditional


These top 10 home accessories in a very fresh take on 'traditional'...

With our houses being stretched to become spaces to work, play, teach, relax … and more, it is more important than ever to make your home a space you are happy to be in.  One of my favourite places at home is my bedroom. I love to escape with a cup of tea and spend time looking at the river.  

When creating a ‘happy’ space in your home, a perfectly shaped armchair, a pretty coffee table, a pile of books and a beautiful lamp are a good place to start.  You can then introduce layers of pattern and colour that add interest and create a room you want to spend time in.  Here are ten items that have caught my eye and why I love introducing them into the rooms that I design:

1. Adding a painting to a wall is a simple and effective way to introduce pattern and colour into your home.  Angela A’Court’s paintings will add a spark of interest to any room.



2. A colourful cushion can add real warmth to a room.  Molly Mahon recently launched her new cushion collection.  Molly asked her customers what they wanted earlier in the year and she then curated her new collection with a little something for everyone.  Some are linen, some cotton, some piped, some double sided … all are hand blocked.   I adore ‘Luna’ in pink.



3. I have a collection of platters for cheese, this one by Nina Cambell is really fun:



4. Changing the handles on a piece of furniture or a cupboard can really change a room.  These ‘Brass Bow Handles’ from Beata Heuman are beautiful:


5. I love the effect of warm light so will always include a variety of lamps into my designs. The ‘Wrappling’ is a great option, seen here with a colourful shade:



6. In addition to the ambience a lamp brings I love adding extra interest with colourful lampshades.  A favourite is ‘Yellow Wicker’ from Fermoie://


7. Our house seems to be overflowing with paper, art projects and school books to name a few.  This cabinet from Howe’s Caterpillar cabinet is a great option, combining a console table with storage.



8.This Scalloped Planter will add joy to any plant.



9. These colourful candles from Matilda Goad are a fun pop of colour during the day and create ambiance in the evening:



10. I love a coffee table with a shelf for books:



For Alexandra Langdon:

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